Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 10 NFL picks

Coming in a bit late, here are my weekly picks to win straight-up based on my confidence level of 1-16, with 16 being the highest:

Raiders at Chargers: I bit it on this one.  I figured the Chargers would have the upper hand at home and were a near lock to break their losing streak.  I failed, however, to account for teh Raiders defense and the Chargers horrible run defense.  I picked the Chargers with a confidence level of 14.

Lions at Bears: tough one, I took the Bears with a confidence level of 6 based on how well Chicago's offensive line has been playing of late.

Jaguars at Colts: Jacksonville has an excellent defense and should find a way to score against the Colts.  Jaguars with a con level of 15.

Broncos at Chiefs: I figure the KC had all week to figure out how to slow down Denver's option.  The Chiefs do have a sufficient run defense and should find a way to squaek a win at home.  KC with a con level of 2.

Steelers at Bengals: Tough game and I'm still on the Cincy bandwagon.  The Bengals with a con level of 1.

Bills at Cowboys: The Bills have too many holes and their offensive should hit another wall in what I think is still a good Dallas defense.  The Cowboys with a con level of 11.

Saints at Falcons: This game is a coin-flip.  I'm going with Atlanta at home with a con level of 3.

Rams at Browns: Cleveland's defense should give them the edge.  Browns with a con level of 8.

Redskins at Dolphins: I think Shanahan is still going to press his players enough to get this win.  The Redskins still have a good pass defense and should bring Matt Moore back down to earth.  Skins with a con level of 4.

Texans at Buccaneers:  Houston is for real.  I like the defense and their offensive line has been solid.  The Bucs can be tough at home but I'm still giving the edge to Houston, con level of 10.

Titans at Panthers:  two horrible defenses going up against each other, but I'm giving teh edge to the Panthers offense.  Carolina with a con level of 5.

Cardinals at Eagles: Despite which Philadelphia team shows up I still think it'll be enough to beat the Cards.  Eagles with a con level of 16.

Ravens at Seahawks:  No, I don't think the Ravens offense has turned a corner but their defense should be enough to make them victorious.  Ravens with a con level of 9.

Giants at 49ers:  This was tough and I'm probably not giving the Giants enough credit.  What can I say?  I love the 49ers this season.  SF with a con level of 12.

Patriots at Jets: Amazing what two weeks can do.  I'm officially a Jets believer.  At home, I'm taking NYJ with a con level of 7.

Vikings at Packers:  This should be a high-scoring affair, but the rivalry should be enough to keep the Packers from napping.  I'm going with Green Bay with a con level of 13.  Total score (as tiebreaker) is set at 56.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 9 NFL picks

Since this is my first post on the matter, let me explain: currently I am knee-deep in a football pool with some friends who work at Antigua.  Nothing special, the buy-in is a mere $10 per week and you are then given an excel spreadsheet to fill out before the Thursday evening deadline.

I haven't shared my previous picks, but I thought I would start here with week 9 and quickly jot down my reasons why.

Here are the rules.  You are given a sheet listing each matchup with home teams on the right-hand column and visitors on the left.  Simply mark an X next to the box of the team you think will win (no point spreads, everything is straight up) and signify your confidence with each pick by placing a number from 1-14 (sometimes 16, depending if it's early in the season and no bye weeks are given out). 

The higher the number, the more confident you are and the person with the most points wins the buy-ins... in case of a tie, each person must record the total score for the Monday Night game.  Hopefully the people who are tied gave different scores, if not - the money is shared.