Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 Team Analysis: Florida Marlins

Florida Marlins:

2009 Record: 87-75

General Manager: Michael Hill

Manager: Fredi Gonzalez

Organizational Philosophy: when agent Scott Boras mentioned baseball's necessity to re-examine their current revenue sharing plan all eyes were on the Marlins and their stubborn stance to keep their payroll among the lowest in all of baseball (from $15 million in 2006 to $36 million last season).  The argument stated that teams keeping a small payroll were collecting large sums of revenue funds paid by certain teams who had the advantage of operating in large markets and not putting any of the money back into their own organization.

Over the years, the Marlins have claimed that their main focus in terms of building a team is through strong starting pitching.  However, when talk centered on giving pitchers multi-year deals, the Marlins claimed it went against their philosophy because of the high probability of pitchers getting injured.  Over the last ten years, the Marlins have displayed a knack for drafting and trading well for prospects.  Below are a few names drafted and/or signed or acquired via trade/Rule 5 over the past decade (Josh Beckett, Miguel Cabrera, Dontrelle WillisJosh Johnson, Jeremy Hermida, Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, Cameron Maybin, Ricky Nolasco, Anibal Sanchez, Sean West, Chris Coughlin, Logan Morrison and Mike Stanton).  In their defense, the team's decision to not extend the contracts and trade players like Beckett, Cabrera and Willis were preemptive decisions as well as financial ones.  In hindsight, the perceived injury risk surrounding Beckett was obviously overblown but Willis' heavy usage and Cabrera's growing waistline were legitimate concerns.

Early in the 2008 season, the team decided to lock up Hanley Ramirez during a good part of his prime years and this offseason had many speculating on the fate of a few arbitration eligible players, specifically Josh Johnson and Dan UgglaRecent reports have team officials mentioning that retaining Johnson and keeping Uggla off the trading block were no brainers, but one has to wonder if the recent stink made by Boras about certain teams suppressing payroll had an effect? Only time will tell if owner Jeffrey Loria will continue to properly fund his baseball operations staff now that he has a new stadium in the horizon or if this is just another pretense on his part until the excitement settles. 

2010 Commitments:

Starting Rotation:

Josh Johnson ($3.75M)
Ricky Nolasco ($3.8M)
Anibal Sanchez ($1.25M)
Sean West ($400K)
Chris Volstad ($400K)
Rick Vanden Hurk ($400K)
Andrew Miller ($1.5M)


Leo Nunez ($2M)
Dan Meyer ($400K)
Brian Sanches ($400K)
Renyel Pinto ($1M)
Cristhian Martinez ($400K)
Hayden Penn ($400K)
Burke Badenhop ($400K)
Taylor Tankersley ($650K)

On the field:

C: John Baker ($400K)
C: Ronny Paulino ($1.1M)
1B: Gaby Sanchez ($400K)
1B: Logan Morrison ($400K)
2B: Dan Uggla ($7.8M)
SS: Hanley Ramirez ($7M)
3B: Jorge Cantu ($6M)
LF: Chris Coghlan ($400K)
CF: Cameron Maybin ($400K)
RF: Cody Ross ($4.45M)

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