Monday, May 10, 2010

Explain me this...

I may be a bit late to "The Show" but I must say after two months of aggressive advertising and non-stop rotation on the MLB Network.  I, being one of the many faithful doctors here at team transparency, decided to call out once and for all what exactly the advertisers for PS3 MLB The Show 10 are saying?

Case in point:

Why does Kevin Butler keep up this ridiculous charade of not knowing who Joe Mauer is? And to whose benefit does this even... benefit? I understand last year's schitck of 09's coverboy Dustin Pedroia being a bit insulted at his avatar's limitation and Butler acting bewildered when called upon but here the joke seems to be a bit forced and flat.

Also, why does Mr. Mauer possess compromising photos of PS3 executive Kevin Butler anyway??? Did they party in ways that would embarrass most men?  What others photos does Mr. Mauer have and does he intend to further blackmail this executive?  Do they suggest that Mr. Butler is hiding something and the relationship he has with the current AL MVP may be a bit more salacious??

Anyway, it could be funny but ,hopefully, some new and better comedic routine is thought of next season.

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