Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 Winter Meetings: Early Day Three notes

Judging by MLB Network's constant loop of yesterday's news, it's safe to assume that much hasn't occured since reports came out about a "mystery team" offering Cliff Lee seven years (I think I've watched the Kevin Towers interview four times now...)


Day Two Officialisms:

Ty Wigginton brings his shoddy glove and middling power to Colorado as their right-handed counterpart to Todd Helton at 1B for two years at $8M.  Looking over his 2010 stats, I'm a bit surprised that Wigginton logged in over 300 innings as a second baseman!  Obviously, he didn't do it well but I guess Brian Roberts injury last season put the O's into true desperation mode.

The Mets grabbed D.J. Carrasco for two years at a little over a million per.  I'm surprised the Dbacks didn't elect to try and bring DJ back since he was one of the few Dbacks not burned by the long ball.  He was eligible for arbitration this offseason and Dbacks GM, Kevin Towers, did admit to keeping Carrasco on their "radar screens" after he was released.  I'm guessing that the sudden rise in player salaries this winter may have put a wrench in their plans to re-sign him for a lower rate. 

Joel Sherman has reported via twitter that the Yankees have received the medical information on Russell Martin.  However, no deal has been reached but this should be interesting in terms of how the Yankees are looking towards assembling their team of catchers in 2011. The Red Sox are also interested in Martin's services as their catching situation may also get a bit crowded with Jarrod Saltalamacchia on the roster and the recent re-signing of Jason Varitek. The Mets have also shown considerable interest but that has cooled since they signed Ronny Paulino to one season.

The extent of Martin's late season hip injury will be examined.  If signed, Martin won't come at a bargain rate; the Dodgers did make an offer around $4+M with added incentives.  It's been reported that Martin wants at least $5.5M next season and if signed by the Yankees or Red Sox then decisions will have to be made regarding their catching depth since both Salty and the Yanks Francisco Cervelli project as the odd men out.

Trades talks are heating up for Zack Greinke, some sources are saying that Toronto is on his no-trade list but recent reports have come out that he would be willing to waive this clause to help KC get the best offer.  So far, their camp seems to be waiting on what Cliff Lee decides to do regarding the Rangers.


This morning it became official that Paul Konerko will stay with the White Sox when a deal engineered by Jerry Reinsdorf was reached at three years/$37M.  Watch as the Sox's current logjam at first basemen plays out next season, Dunn probably came to Chicago at least with an understanding that Konerko could return - both rated poor defensively last season and it will be interesting to see who gets the main share of DH-ing duty.

Based on how the market's been heading, I was surprised to see Carlos Pena settle for a one year deal at $10M.  Sure his production was down last season but in a market that gave Ty Wigginton two guaranteed years was this strategy worth it? Assuming he bounces back, he will have plenty of competition in the market next season as Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols (again, assuming he doesn't reach a longterm deal) as a 1B free agent and he will be 34 years old... yikes!

Again, it looks like those pesky Nationals are still running around with their parent's checkbook.  Recent reports have them courting Carl Pavano and looking into possibly trading for Zack Greinke or Matt Garza.  The former, I guess, seems reasonable.  Pavano won't break the bank since the going rate has been three years but looking at the Nationals interest in trading for either Garza or Greinke is confusing since it doesn't follow the logical path of a team still needing to build from within.  Many analysts agree that the Nationals should be serious contenders in the two or three seasons and a lot of that success will depend on how other prospects not named Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper develop.

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